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General Questions

What are electronic wallets and how do I use them?

Electronic wallets are intermediaries through which you can withdraw your funds to a bank account. They are very fast, safe, efficient and simple to use systems. Their use is similar, since they perform the same service for several different countries. At the moment we work with Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, Advcash, PerfectMoney, bKash, Nagad, UPI and Bank Transfer. Their sites can be easily found through a quick Google search.

Why do my friends have a bigger payout than me?

The circumstances of trading change depending on the period and the internal risk assessment and/or practices of the Company. As such, the Company reserves the right to decide and/or change the profitability percentage given to clients at any given time depending on the business practice set by the Company.

What is FX Option?

It is a trading platform that helps you start your journey as a trader. We offer the following instruments: - CFDs on currency pairs - CFDs on stocks - CFDs on commodities - CFDs on Cryptocurrencies - CFDs on ETFs You can start practicing on a demo account and then continue trading with real funds. Our graphical tools and convenient technical analysis indicators will help you make trading decisions.

How much money can I make on the practice account?

You cannot profit from the trades you make on a practice account. On a practice account, you receive virtual funds and make virtual trades. It is designed for training purposes only. To trade with real money, you need to deposit funds into a real account.

How much money can I make?

Your success depends on your skills and patience, the trading strategy you choose, and the amount you can invest. We recommend watching our training videos first so you can make more thoughtful trades. Beginner traders can try out their skills and practice on a practice account.

How do I switch between practice account and real account?

To switch between accounts, click on your balance in the upper right corner. Make sure that you are in the trade room. The panel that opens displays all of your accounts: your real account and your practice account. Click on the account to make it active. Now you can use it to trade.

How do I top up my practice account?

You can always top up your practice account for free if your balance drops below $10,000. You must first select this account. Then click on the green Deposit button with two arrows in the upper right corner. A window will open in which you can select which account you want to deposit: a practice account or a real account.

Do you have apps for PC, iOS or Android?

Sure, we do! And on computers, the platform responds faster in the app for Windows and Mac OS. Why is it faster to trade in the app? The website is slower to update movements on the chart because the browser does not use the available WebGL features to maximize the use of your computer's graphics card resources. The app has no such limitation, so it updates the chart almost instantly. We also have apps for iOS and Android. You can find and download the apps on our download page. If the current version of the app is not compatible with your device, you can still trade on our site.

What is volatility?

To put it simply, volatility is how much the price changes. When volatility is low, there is little change on the chart and the asset may expire at the same level at which you opened the position. But when the chart shows high volatility, the level of the asset fluctuates rapidly.

Do you provide trading loans?

No, we don't provide loans for trading. Thank you for your understanding!

What is the minimum and maximum investment per trade?

The minimum investment amount can be found on our trading platform/website, subject to current trading conditions. The maximum amount you can invest is $20,000. The maximum amount for some assets may vary depending on market conditions.

Depositing funds

How long does it take for the boleto I paid to be credited to my account?

Boletos are processed and credited to your FX Option account within 2 business days. Please note that we have different boletos, and they usually vary only in the minimum processing time, being 1 hour for fast boletos and 1 day for the other versions. Remember: business days are only from Monday to Friday.

I paid a fast boleto and it didn't come into my account in 24 hours. Why not?

Please note that the maximum processing time for boletos, even the fastest, is 2 business days! Therefore, it means that there is only something potentially wrong if this deadline has expired. It is common for some to be credited quickly and others not. Please just wait! If the deadline has expired, we recommend contacting us via support.

How long does it take for the deposit I made by bank transfer to arrive in my account?

The standard maximum time limit for bank transfers is 2 business days, and it can take less. However, just as some boletos are processed in less time, others may need all the time of the term. The most important thing is to make the transfer on your own account and place a request through the website/app before making the transfer!

Can I deposit using someone else's account?

No. All deposit funds must belong to you, as well as cards ownership, CPF and other data as outlined in our Terms and Conditions.

How do I make a deposit?

You can fund your account with a debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Maestro) or e-wallet such as Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney or other e-wallets. Choose your payment method here Many of our traders prefer to use e-wallets instead of bank cards because it's faster to withdraw funds this way. We have good news for you: We don't charge any fees when you make a deposit.

What if I want to change the currency of my account?

You can only set the currency once when you first try to fund your account. You will not be able to change the currency of your real trading account, so please make sure you select the correct currency before clicking the "Proceed to Payment" button. You can make a deposit in any currency and it will be automatically converted to the currency you regularly use.

Debit and credit cards. Can I deposit with a credit card?

You can use any Visa, Mastercard, or Maestro (with CVV only) debit or credit card to deposit and withdraw money, except for Electron. The card must be valid and registered in your name, and support international online transactions.

Where is my money? My account was automatically deposited.

Our company cannot debit your account without your permission. Please make sure that a third party does not have access to your bank account or e-wallet. It is also possible that you have multiple accounts on our site. If there is a possibility that someone has access to your account on the platform, change your password in the settings.

How can I unlink my card?

If you want to unlink your card, please click "Unlink Card" directly below the "Pay" button when you make a new deposit.

CVV or CVC. What does it mean?

The CVV or CVC code is a three-digit code that is used as a security feature for online transactions. It is written on the signature line on the back of your card. It looks like this.

What is 3DS?

The 3-D Secure feature is a special method of transaction processing. When you receive an SMS notification from your bank about an online transaction, it means that 3-D Secure is enabled. If you do not receive an SMS message, contact your bank to enable 3-D Secure.

I have problems depositing with a card

Use your computer to fund your account, and it should work right away! Clear temporary internet files (cache and cookies) from your browser. To do this, press CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE, select the ALL time period, and choose "Clear". Refresh the page and see if anything has changed. See here for full instructions. You can also try using a different browser or device. Your deposit may be declined if you enter an incorrect 3-D Secure code (a one-time confirmation code sent by the bank). Did you receive the code in the text message from your bank? Please contact your bank if you didn't receive it. This can also happen if the "country" field in your data is blank. In this case, the system will not understand which payment method it should offer because the available payment methods vary by country. Enter your country of residence and try again. Some deposits may be declined by your bank if it has restrictions on international payments. Please contact your bank and verify this information with them. You can always make a deposit with an e-wallet. We support the following wallets: Skrill, Neteller. You can easily sign up for any of them online for free, and then use your bank card to top up your e-wallet.


How to start trading?

If this is your first time using our platform and if you don't have much experience, you can start with our video tutorials. You can practice on your practice balance and then continue trading with real funds.

What is the best time to trade?

The best time to trade depends on your trading strategy and some other factors. We recommend that you pay attention to the market timetable, as the overlap of the American and European trading sessions makes prices more dynamic in currency pairs such as EUR/USD. You should also keep an eye on market news which could affect the movement of your chosen asset. Inexperienced traders who don't follow the news and don't understand why prices fluctuate are better off not trading when prices are very dynamic.

What are the purchase time and expiration time?

The chart shows two lines indicating the time points. The time of purchase is the white dotted line. The expiration time is shown by the solid red line. When a trade crosses this line, it automatically closes and you make either a profit or a loss. You can choose any available expiration time. If you have not yet opened a trade, the white and red lines will move together to the right, indicating the buy deadline for the selected expiration time.

What is the profit after sale and expected profit?

"Total Investment" shows how much you invested in the trade. "Expected Profit" shows the possible outcome of the trade if the chart remains at the current level by the time the trade expires.
Profit after Sale: If it is red, it shows how much of your investment you will lose after the trade expires. If it is green, it shows how much profit you will make after the sale.
The Expected Profit and Profit after Sale figures are dynamic. They vary depending on several factors, including the current market situation, the proximity of the expiration time, and the current price of the asset.
Many traders sell when they are not sure if the trade will make them a profit. The selling system gives you the opportunity to minimize your losses.

What is OTC?

Over-the-counter (OTC) is a trading method available when markets are closed. When trading OTC assets, you receive quotes that are automatically generated on the broker's server in a way that maintains a balance between buyers and sellers.
Every Friday at 21:00 and every Monday at 00:00 GMT, we switch from market trading to OTC trading and from OTC trading to market trading.

How to trade CFD instruments (Forex, Crypto, CFD)?

New CFD types that are available on our trading platform include CFDs on stocks, Forex, CFDs on commodities and cryptocurrencies, ETFs.
The trader’s goal is to predict the direction of the future price movement and capitalize on the difference between the current and future prices. CFDs react just like a regular market: if the market goes in your favor, then your position is closed In-The-Money. If the market goes against you, your deal is closed Out-Of-The-Money. In CFD trading, your profit depends on the difference between entry price and closing price.
In CFD trading, there is no expiration time, but you can use a multiplier and set stop/loss and trigger a market order if the price gets to a certain level.

How does a multiplier work?

In CFD trading, you can use a multiplier that can help you control a position in excess of the amount of money invested in it. Thus, potential returns (as well as risks) will be increased. By investing $100, a trader can obtain returns comparable to an investment of $1,000. However, remember that the same applies to potential losses as they will also be increased several times.
You will find all the information you need here.

How to use Auto Close settings?

Stop Loss is an order that the trader sets to limit losses for a particular open position. Take Profit works in much the same way, allowing the trader to lock in a profit when a certain price level is reached. You can set the parameters as a percentage, amount of money or asset price: example. More information can be found here.

How to calculate profit in СFD trading?

If the trader opens a long position, the profit is calculated using the formula: (Closing price / Opening price - 1) x multiplier x investment. If the trader opens a short position, the profit is calculated using the formula (1 - Closing price / Opening price) x multiplier x investment.
For example, AUD / JPY (Short position): Closing price: 85.142 Opening price: 85.173 Multiplier: 2000 Investment: $2500 The profit is (1 - 85.142 / 85.173) X 2000 X $2500 = $1.819.82

What is the minimum investment amount to open a trade?

The minimum investment amount can be found on our trading platform/website, subject to current trading conditions.

What is slippage?

Slippage may occur when trading CFDs. This is the difference between the expected order price and the price at which the order is actually executed. It can work either positively or negatively. It most likely occurs during periods of increased volatility when market prices fluctuate very quickly. Such situation can arise both with Stop Loss orders and with Take Profit orders.

Withdrawing funds

How long does it take for the withdrawal I made by bank transfer to arrive in my bank account?

The standard maximum time limit for bank transfers is 1-8 business days, and it can take less. However, just as some boletos are processed in less time, others may need all the time of the term.

Why did you change the minimum amount for bank transfer withdrawals to 150.00BRL?

This is a new minimum withdrawal amount for bank transfers only. If you choose another method, the minimum amount is still 12 BRL. This change was necessary due to the high number of withdrawals processed by this method at low values. In order to respect the processing time, we need to decrease the number of withdrawals made per day, without affecting the quality of the same.

I am trying to withdraw less than 150.00BRL by bank transfer and I get a message to contact support. Please arrange it for me.

If you want to withdraw an amount below 150 BRL, you only need to select another withdrawal method, for example electronic wallet.

How do I withdraw money?

Your method of withdrawal will depend on how you made your deposit.
If you use an e-wallet to fund your account, you can only withdraw funds to the same e-wallet account. To withdraw funds, create a withdrawal request on the withdrawal page. Withdrawal requests are processed within 3 business days. If you withdraw funds to a bank card, the payment system and your bank will require additional time to process this transaction.
Conditions may vary depending on your location. Please get in touch with Support for precise instruction.

What are the minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts?

The minimum withdrawal amount is $2.00 and the maximum withdrawal amount depends on the payment method you choose to use.

How do I withdraw funds from the trading account to a bank card?

To withdraw your funds, go to the Withdraw Funds section. Choose a withdrawal method, specify the amount and other necessary details, and click the “Withdraw Funds” button. We do our best to process all withdrawal requests within 3 business days. Please note that it may take a little longer to process interbank (bank-to-bank) payments.
The number of withdrawal requests is unlimited. The withdrawal amount should not exceed the current trading balance amount.
*Withdrawal of funds returns the money that was paid in the previous transaction. Thus, the amount that you can withdraw to a bank card is limited to the amount that you have deposited with that card.
Appendix 1 shows a flowchart of the withdrawal process.
The following parties are involved in the withdrawal process:
1) FX Option
2) Acquiring bank – FX Option’s partner bank.
3) International payment system (IPS) – Visa International or MasterCard.
4) Issuing bank – the bank that opened your bank account and issued your card.
Please note that you can withdraw to the bank card only the amount of your initial deposit made with this bank card. This means that you can return your funds to this bank card. This process may take a little longer than expected, depending on your bank. FX Option immediately transfers the money to your bank. But it may take up to 21 days (3 weeks) to transfer money from the bank to your bank account.
If you do not receive the money on the 21st day, we kindly ask you to prepare a bank statement (with logo, signature and stamp if it is a printed version; electronic versions must be printed, signed and stamped by the bank) covering the period from the date of the deposit (of these funds) to the current date and send it at [email protected] from the email linked to your account or to our support officer via live chat. It would be amazing if you could also provide us with an email of the bank representative (the person who provided you with the bank statement). We would then ask you to inform us as soon as you send it. You can contact us via live chat or by email ([email protected]). Please note that your bank statement must contain information about your bank card (the first 6 and 4 last digits of its number).
We will do our best to contact your bank and help them find the transaction. Your bank statement will be sent to the payment aggregator, and the investigation may take up to 180 business days.
If you withdraw an amount you deposited on the same day, these two transactions (deposit and withdrawal) will not be reflected on the bank statement. In this case, please contact your bank for clarification.

Where can I check my withdrawal?

In order to check your withdrawal, use this link.

Do I need to provide any documents to make a withdrawal?

Yes. You need to verify your identity in order to withdraw funds. Account verification is necessary in order to prevent fraudulent financial transactions on the account.
To pass the verification process, you will be kindly asked to upload your documents on the platform using the links given below:
1) A photo of your ID (passport, driver's license, national ID card, residence permit, refugee identity certificate, refugee travel passport, voter ID) here. You can use our video tutorials for details.
2) If you used a bank card for depositing money, please upload a copy of both sides of your card (or cards if you used more than one to deposit) here. Please remember that you should hide your CVV number and keep visible the first 6 and the last 4 digits of your card number only. Please make sure that your card is signed.
If you use an e-wallet to deposit funds, you need to send us a scan of your ID only.
All the documents will be verified within 3 business days after you upload them on the platform.

Withdrawal status. When will my withdrawal be completed?

1) After a withdrawal request is made, it receives the “Requested” status. At this stage, funds are deducted from your account balance.
2) Once we begin processing the request, it receives the “In process” status.
3) Funds will be transferred to your card or e-wallet after the request receives the “Funds sent” status. This means that the withdrawal has been completed on our side, and your funds are no longer in our system.
You may see the status of your withdrawal request at any time in your Transactions History.
The time it takes to receive a payment depends on the bank, payment system and/or e-wallet used. For e-wallets, payment processing may take approximately 1 day; for bank withdrawals, it may take up to 21 calendar days, and bank transfers may take from 1 to 5 calendar days depending on your country and bank.
Furthermore, the withdrawal time may be extended by the payment system and/or your bank, and our company has no influence on this.
Please get in touch with support for further information.

How long does it take to process the withdrawal?

For every withdrawal request, our specialists need some time to check everything and approve the request. This is usually no more than 3 days.
We need to make sure that the person who makes a request is really you, so that nobody else can access your money.
This is necessary for the security of your funds, along with the verification procedures.
After that, there is a special procedure when you withdraw to a bank card.
You can only withdraw to your bank card the total amount deposited from your bank card within the last 180 days.
We send you the money within the same 3 days, but your bank needs some more time to complete the transaction (to be more precise, the cancellation of your payments to us).
Alternatively, you can withdraw all your profits to an e-wallet (like Skrill, Neteller, or WebMoney) without any limits, and get your money within 24 hours after we complete your withdrawal request. This is the fastest way to get your money.


I used a nickname to create the account, now I can't verify it. What should I do?

You will need to change your registration data, since we cannot verify your account that way. Contact support to let them know each step that needs to be done.

I have a virtual card that I can't verify. What should I do?

In that case, everything will depend on your bank. If you have access to the card, just send us a screenshot of it so we can verify it. Some applications do not allow the capture (screenshot), in this case you will need to contact your bank to get the screenshot or use another device to photograph the card in question. If you have access to the images via web/browser, make sure that you capture the entire browser page, not just the image of the card.

How can I secure my account?

To secure your account, use two-step authentication. Each time you log in to the platform, the system will prompt you to enter a special code sent to your phone number. You can activate this in Settings.

How do I check my account session history?

Information about the use of your account is contained in your Profile. There you will find information about the most recent activity on your account.

How do I change my name in my personal information?

ll our traders are required to use only real personal data. If your account is already verified, you cannot change your last name, first name, or other existing information. If you haven’t verified your account or completed the verification process yet, please understand that we need your personal information to ensure quick withdrawals and the safety of your funds. Contact Support if the data that you have already given us is incorrect. If you want to hide your real name from other traders, you can generate a random name in the personal settings.
In order to change your first and/or last name, send an official request to [email protected].
After this, upload a relevant document in your profile to confirm your intention to change your data.
You can check an example of a valid ID/driving license here. Also, here is how a valid passport looks like.
If you deposited funds with a bank card (cards), email us photos of the front and back of your bank card(s) (be sure to hide your CVV number and keep visible only the first 6 and the last 4 digits of your card number). Make sure that your card is signed. Here is an example of a valid card picture.
After this is done, please let us know here in the chat. We will gladly change your data for you.

How can I hide my real name?

If you don't want your name to be visible in chats, you can generate a random name in your profile. To do this, click on the profile icon in the upper right corner and go to "Personal Data". On the page that opens, open the Settings tab and scroll down to "Public Profile Settings". Here you can come up with the name you'll use, so no one will see your real name. Go to Name Settings.

How do I change my phone number?

We kindly draw your attention to the fact that we cannot change your phone number. We can only delete the old phone number.
Please send your request to [email protected], indicate the last 3 digits of the phone number in the letter and let us know once you send it.

How do I change my home address?

To change your address, please send an official request to [email protected]. Make sure to indicate both your old and new address in the email.
After this, upload a document in your profile to confirm your intention to change the address.
You can check an example of a valid ID/driving license here. Also, here is how a valid passport looks like.
Once your document is uploaded, let us know of it in the chat. We will gladly change your address for you.

How do I unsubscribe from emails?

At the bottom of every email there is an "Unsubscribe" link. All it takes is one click to stop receiving our emails. You can also set this up in your profile. To do this, click on the profile icon in the upper right corner and go to "Personal Data". On the page that opens, click on the Email Settings tab where you can choose what types of notifications you want to receive from us. Go to Email Settings.

How can I close my account?

Some traders tend to get too involved in trading and just can't stop, which causes them to make reckless investments over and over again. If you need to take a break and stop trading for a while, you can close your account in your profile Settings. The "Close Account" button is located at the very bottom of the page. Please note that once you close your account, you will not be able to open your profile or trade on the platform. Go to Settings.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

When you sign in to the site or app, you can click the "Forgot your password?" link and enter the email address you used for registration. You will receive an email with a link to set a new password.

Do you have an inactivity fee?

In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, if for ninety (90) consecutive calendar days the Client does not perform any operations on the trading platform of the Company (the "Inactive Account"), the Company is entitled to apply a maintenance fee for the Inactive Account in the amount of €10 to the unused balance of the Client's account. The annual fee will not exceed the total balance of the Client's account.

How can I log out of my account?

To log out of your account, go to the home page and scroll down the page. Click the Log Out button, and you will be logged out.

How can I change the time zone of my account?

To change the time zone, go to the traderoom and click the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the page. Choose the appropriate time zone.

How can I take part in public chats?

You have to make at least one (1) deposit into your trading account and reach at least a volume of $300 (three hundred dollars or the equivalent amount in another currency).

What if I can't log in to my account?

- If you see the message "login limit exceeded", it means that you have entered the wrong password several times in a row. Please wait for some time before trying to log in again. If you are not sure your password is correct, use the "Forgot password" button on the login page. The system will send instructions on how to reset your password to the email address you used to register on the platform.
- If you registered through a social network, you will need to create a password using the web version to access the desktop application. You can create a password by using the "Forgot password" button on the login page. You will need to specify the email that is linked to your social network account. A link to recover your password will be sent to this email. You will then be able to log in to the desktop application using this email and your new password.
- If you've forgotten your password, use the "Forgot password" button on the login page. The system will send password recovery instructions to the email address you used to register on the platform.


Why do I need verification and how long does it take?

We are a financial institution, and that's why we need to know who is using our services. So, when you open an account with us, we are required to verify your identity.
We strive to provide the fastest possible verification. However, sometimes we have to do extra checks, which can take some time (at least 48 hours).
As soon as your documents are verified, we will notify you of the results. You can also track the progress and status of your document verification on our website or in our mobile app.

How does verification affect my trading account ?

Trading, deposits or withdrawals may be limited until the account is verified, depending on your region.
When requested, please follow the verification steps to ensure that your account is fully verified according to the specific rules in your area to avoid possible restrictions and limits.

What types of documents do you accept?

There are various documents that you may be asked to upload, depending on the specific rules in your area. We accept the following documents:
Valid proof of identity:
Passport (photo page only) National ID card
Driver’s license
Residence permit
Valid and recent proof of address:
Utility bills: gas, water, electricity, or phone
Bank statement/letter mentioning your current account with the bank (photo/scan of the original letter or PDF statement) Tax bill
An official certificate of residence issued by the local town hall (municipality)
The information you provide must match the information in your documents. This will help us speed up the verification process.


We hope you don’t have any issues with verification. But here are a few tips in case you do.
Document was declined:
If your document is declined, you can find out right away why this happened. Please see our verification page for detailed feedback.
This may have happened because:
Some information on your documents is covered. We need to see all the information on the documents.
Your documents are no longer valid and have expired. Please verify that your documents are still valid before uploading them.
The details in your documents and your account do not match. Please check if you entered your personal information correctly on the website. If not, please contact support.
We need the back of your document. If there is information on both sides, please upload both sides.
You have uploaded a document type that we cannot accept. In this case, please provide an acceptable document type.
You have uploaded it in a format that we cannot accept. In this case, please upload a document in a different format.
Document was not of good enough quality
Our verification process involves reviewing what is printed on your documents. But if we cannot read what is written on the document, we may reject it.
Make sure you have proper lighting
If the photo of the document is too bright, glare or reflections can make parts of the document unreadable. Try photographing the document again and resending it for verification.
Make sure you don't cover the document with your fingers
If you are holding a document while taking a photo, you may accidentally cover some details with your fingers. Try photographing the document on a flat surface.
Make sure that the photo shows the whole document
In order to verify you, our team needs to see the whole document to make sure it is authentic. Please try to fit the entire document into the photo.
Make sure the document is not blurry or unreadable
Often when taking a photo, the camera cannot focus on the details printed on the document. Try photographing the document on a flat surface, making sure it is clearly legible and not blurry.
Do not submit copies of the document
We cannot accept copies of documents. Please make sure you take a picture of the original document.
Better use a camera than a scanner
If you scan a document, your scan may be nearly unreadable. Instead of scanning, try taking a picture of the document.
There is not enough information in the document
When we check your documents, we pay attention to several details, and in most cases your document contains all the data we need.
Proof of identity:
The document must contain your full name, photo, date of birth, expiration date, official document number and be valid.
Proof of address:
The document must be recently issued. It must show your full name, residential address and the date it was issued. It must be printed on the company's headed paper or contain the company logo or seal.


What is a tournament and how can I participate?

A tournament is a competition between traders in which everyone can participate for a set fee. Each participant receives a tournament account with the same amount of money. You can trade any assets and invest any available funds. The winner is the trader who finishes the tournament with the most money in the tournament account. The prize pool is usually shared between the best traders — from 9 to 30. Jump to tournaments

What is a rebuy in a tournament?

In some tournaments, you may be able to refill your tournament balance by re-paying your entry fee with real money. For example, if a tournament allows rebuys and your starting balance is $100, you can click "Rebuy" next to your balance, and your tournament balance will be $200. The number of rebuys during a tournament is unlimited, but only if your current balance and profit from open positions are less than your starting balance. At the beginning of the tournament, you can rebuy once. Rebuy amounts are summed up and added to the tournament prize pool.

Why can't I access my tournament account?

If you have selected a tournament account and nothing happens, it is likely that the tournament has not started yet. To find out when the tournament starts, click Tournaments on the left menu of the platform.

The tournament has not yet started, but the participants are already displayed on the list

This is how we show how much a trader can win by taking one of the top places in this tournament. Before the tournament starts, the best traders are chosen at random. After the tournament begins and the participants start trading, the people on the list will be ordered according to the balance in their tournament accounts.

How do I get my tournament prize?

If you win one of the prizes in a tournament, your winnings are automatically deposited into your real account at the end of the tournament. Usually it's instant, but in some tournaments it can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour.

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